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Nov 21, 2012 7:30am EST
. on the other hand are social and law and order conservatives who are concerned about preserving america's unique culture and social order. to these conservatives, the presence of large numbers of people in the united states in violation of american law is inherently problematic. what's more, many of them aren't wild about the influx of large numbers of legal immigrants either, arguing that any culture needs sufficient time for new arrivals to assimilate and that cultures can benefit from periodic pauses in immigration. now, there's some other camps as well. for example, moral and social conservatives such as some in the catholic church and other religious groups who favor what might be called a light touch approach to immigration on what they believe are social justice grounds. but the broader point is there is a deep tension and division on the right on immigration, and there has been for decades now. now, the recent presidential election has brought the immigration issue once again to the center of american politics. governor mitt romney received a small percentage of latino and asian
Nov 22, 2012 6:00am EST
. this is the way law schools looked when i was coming out. when you first started teaching to the woman, when he lived in massachusetts he didn't just say professor, he said blake though you could really profess anything. i really rocketed me back. so i think in addition to the mockery generally and the electorate, in addition to the demeaning of women generally, you sort of have a celebrated when were hired, but it's also a double whammy in a political setting. >> i'm in washington. it's an interesting place. i love d.c., but when you look at the washington that we are talking about, when you actually go into the halls of congress and have a visual, the next time you look at something going on mtv that is showing one of the halls, just take a look at it. it will look different from this room. it's almost like a reverse of what we have heard about were the demographics of this country are going. so i just wonder how attached we are just thinking about what happened in the election this time. it's almost like read a sense, but what is actually occurring in terms of the change in the nation. when
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am EST
international law. so i think it is quite clear to me if that scenario comes, that the breakdown of the talks that israel will take a step maybe supported by president obama who's no good on drones and so on. so i'm very pessimistic about that. >> and what's the result of that strike? what does that lead to from there? briefly. >> well, we had -- some of us are old enough to remember the complaints, big problems in the review conference, talks of delays and blockages and no agreements, and, of course, the general assembly of the u.n. reacted very heavily at that time. but problem is that the lack of leadership will tolerate this. and i'm concerned. i mean, i hope it won't have to, i hope there is a leadership dialogue including this also. on the future there i see something much more optimistic. i see a u.s./iranian cooperation in the regions i mentioned; on iraq, on afghanistan. they have common interests that may be helpful for the people, and it will be a peaceful, stable afghanistan including taking, struggling with the drug trafficking which, of course, is very important, key component i
Nov 28, 2012 7:30am EST
to harvard law school and at the origin of one of his brothers immigrated out west to the illinois to clean up where the mining industry was in its heyday. he arrived after about a month's journey by ship, by stagecoach, by train, arrived in a steamboat in this muddy mining town, bordered himself and a log cabin, and slowly worked his way up and became a very successful lawyer and got involved politically, ran for congress, served eight terms and befriended abraham lincoln and ulysses s. grant and as they rose, washburn stayed with them as a colleague during the civil war and after grant was elected president initially appointed washburn secretary of state and washburn became very ill, after ten days he submitted his resignation to president grant show grant regretfully had his resignation and he regained his health which was always very fragile and grant the then offered him the position as minister of france, ambassador of france. >> michael hill on washburn, minister to france in the 1870 franco prussian war, and the only power of the state providing political and humanitarian support. q
Nov 22, 2012 2:00am EST
together because the 40 states plus d.c. that has a concussion law. we had a conversation with the state senator in indiana talking about how do we push that down again to the middle school level and ultimately to the youth level? obvious they tell you you have to an organization that can governor and control the youth sports. most you can't because they are independent organizations. we're coming up with maybe the field. the fields are the place they can control. and if we work together and say coach has to be certified. you cannot walk on a puck little school -- walk on a it's a positive step in the right distribution. trying to address the complex problem. >> i worked on the story involving a 13-year-old kid out of l.a. who was paralyzed because he stuck his head down. and, you know, one coach was trained but he wasn't teaching the way that bob warner taught him to teach. the assistant coach wasn't trained at all and believed he was teaching the right technique. >> he said in that spot i teach what i was caught. it goes back to eddie's point. we have to break the cycle. >> even if we
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5